Business IP phone systems

Our VOIP Solutions are selected by our experienced engineers to be Industry leading technologies that you’ll want to consider when choosing the best VoIP solution for your business or customers.


Business IP phone systems

3CX Phone System

3CX is an IP Phone System that completely replaces your proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft/hard phones, VOIP services and traditional PSTN phone lines. 3CX is unique as it can run on the Windows operating system, which most people are already accustomed too, so there is no requirement to know Linux like some other VoIP Phone Systems.

3CX Phone System is far less expensive than a traditional PBX and can reduce call costs substantially by using a VOIP service provider. Its web-based administration makes phone system management easy. 3CX Phone System eliminates the phone wiring network and allows users to hot desk simply by taking their phone.

3CX boasts many different editions, but each share the same features and differ in the amount of concurrent phone calls the phone system can handle. If you are looking for a very easy to use, powerful and cost effective phone system, 3CX is an excellent choice.



VOIP Phones

VoIP phones (often called IP Phones) use Voice over IP technology to allow telephone calls to be made over data networks (such as a LAN’s, WAN’s, and the internet) instead of the ordinary public switched telephone network (PSTN). Most often, VoIP telephones are used in conjunction with VoIP business phone systems, which will typically include a PSTN to VoIP interface device, to allow the VoIP Phones to call the PSTN.

When used with a VoIP phone system, VoIP phones offer significant advantages over traditional non-VoIP phones such as lower long distance costs, reduced cabling costs, lower administration costs for “moves, adds, and changes”, increased mobility, and remote connectivity. VoIP phones can have advanced features such as large built in touch screen color displays, locally stored and network-based address directories, advanced applications like weather reports, news feeds, and CRM integration.

Cisco Phones

The Cisco SPA 300 Series IP Phones are affordable, reliable, and easy to use.

The Cisco SPA 500 Series are a robust portfolio of small business phones. The Cisco SPA 500 series provides a rich user experience with wideband audio, XML applications, and intuitive menu options.

Polycom Phones

Desktop voice solutions from Polycom enable clearer, more productive conversations for any office, home office, or other desktop location.

Yealink Phones

Yealink phones are high performance and affordable SIP telephones that help businesses leverage the increasing benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems. Yealink SIP phones provide HD voice, a broad range of voice codecs, security protection for privacy, and rich telephony features.


Our full product catalog includes equipment for Video Conferencing, VOIP gateways, Session Border Controllers, VOIP headsets, and VOIP accessories.


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