Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center is the primary link between your business and your customer, where the customer experience will make or break a company. We are here to guide your contact center decisions. Companies can decrease costs and improve efficiency and productivity. Cloud … Continued

Life-Cycle Management

Combat shrinking budgets with better equipment – for less With network life-cycle management we help you plan the best infrastructure migration strategy. This includes maintaining existing multi-vendor & multi-generation platforms, completing network upgrades, integrating acquisitions, and deploying new technologies. Carriers and internet service … Continued

Satellite Broadband

Instant Connectivity Where You Need It Services for All Your Enterprise Needs Enterprise Satellite Broadband Services using high-capacity Ka-band network Small Business Satellite Internet Services deliver high-speed internet in hard to reach locations M2M and Mobile Satellite Services with advanced … Continued

Managed Wi-Fi

  Our Managed Wi-Fi services extend the reach of broadband internet connections with professionally installed or plug-n-play hotspots for both single and multi-site networks. Designed to be the most flexible and comprehensive Wi-Fi for carriers, enterprises, and government partners, these … Continued

Asset Recovery

End of life equipment creates a challenge and an opportunity. We live and work in the gray space of network life-cycle maintenance. We buy networking and IT equipment of every major brand in the industry.   The decision to sell … Continued

Business IP phone systems

Our VOIP Solutions are selected by our experienced engineers to be Industry leading technologies that you’ll want to consider when choosing the best VoIP solution for your business or customers.   3CX Phone System 3CX is an IP Phone System … Continued

Optimum Unified Communications

Optimum Bandwidth’s technical services are based on real-world; best practices developed from several successful deployments of Unified Communications solutions. We have a team of certified and experienced consultants and technicians that collectively cover the functional and technological disciplines necessary for … Continued

Micro Data Centers bring innovation

Optimum Bandwidth thrives by providing innovative solutions and expanding the possibilities in the data center space.  Micro data center design and implementation is one of many projects we enjoy. Modular data centers house a full complement of server, storage, networking and environmental … Continued


Network Management Challenges The great diversity of devices in today’s networks, and the need to manage them by following a consistent set of procedures, are two of the most challenging tasks for any network administrator. With a well-designed and documented … Continued

Business Services

All large companies with a reliance on IT must deal with the constraints of limited IT budgets and resources.  Our business class managed services allow you to outsource many IT functions, thus optimizing your time and budget to improve core … Continued