Cisco Systems: dotcom crash survivor seeks further reinvention

Cisco Systems: dotcom crash survivor seeks further reinvention Tech firm, which may cut 14,000 jobs, was the world’s most valuable company but is now dwarfed by younger competitors Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/aug/17/cisco-systems-dotcom-crash-survivor-seeks-further-reinvention Cisco was founded in 1984 and soon became a Silicon Valley … Continued


Ericsson, Intel Target Telco Data Centers

BARCELONA — Mobile World Congress 2015 — Ericsson and Intel have teamed up to develop a data center system designed specifically for telcos looking to deploy modular, high-performance systems to support their cloud strategies. Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC) CEO Hans Vestberg … Continued

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Cisco to Buy Metacloud for Hybrid Clouds

Cisco to Buy Metacloud for Hybrid Clouds by Dan Jones 9/17/2014 Cisco said Wednesday that it intends to buy startup Metacloud for an undisclosed sum to help it build hybrid public and private clouds for customers. Metacloud is an OpenStack-based … Continued

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Introducing ‘The New IP’

Introducing ‘The New IP’ Is your network built on ‘The Old IP,’ or are you part of ‘The New IP’ revolution?                     by Stephen Saunders, CEO – Light Reading As anyone who’s met me … Continued

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Benefits of Colocation

Benefits of Colocation         Many business owners find the thought of moving important data and resources to an off-site colocation facility overwhelming and a little bit scary. We understand. Handing your integral systems and information off to … Continued

How to build an effective corporate privacy compliance program

Over the past decade, enterprise data privacy has undergone a monumental shift in focus and motivation. Data privacy was originally driven by an organization’s ethical commitment to protecting information about customers and third parties, with organizations largely left to their … Continued

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Replace your aging PCs

Business Innovation — Experience 2in1 enterprise devices Refresh your aging PCs to reap economic and productivity benefits The cloud has mobilized the work force and many employees require flexible, convenient, and secure access on the go. Desktops and older notebooks must be … Continued