End of life equipment creates an opportunity.

The decision to sell is more than just getting a good price. Your next best use should be clear.

Knowing when or if to sell and how to prepare to market are just some of the variables that will impact your bottom line. We empower our partners to make informed, timely, and fiscally responsible equipment disposition decisions.

As a trusted adviser and partner, our clients benefit from flexible Asset Recovery solutions.

  1. We make line item offers from excess inventory lists
  2. We make lot purchases
  3. We have a repair, re-use, re-certification solution
  4. In select cases, we will consign and manage your inventory and maximize ROI from surplus and decommissioned network hardware.

Optimum Bandwidth provides tailored technology solutions for telecom, cable, and data center infrastructure environments – focused on reducing costs, centralizing visibility, and optimizing value at every stage of the asset life-cycle.

Our industry relationships connect us with hundreds of carriers just like you, allowing us to recover the most value.

Asset recovery


We differentiate ourselves in a few ways to make the experience not only profitable, but an enjoyable partnership.

  • Customers come first. Understanding your needs allows us to be proactive in providing value and solutions
  • We do more with less. Focusing energy on our top 10 accounts, we invest in each partnership
  • Integrity and Win:Win partnerships are at the core of our mission
  • We use historic sales data to ensure we maximize ROI
  • We handle all the noise…logistics, returns, invoicing, and credits of returned items
  • Ability to test, repair, repackage, and redeploy equipment into your network
  • We are green!  Our reverse logistics and green recycling of equipment that fails testing or is deemed unsalable
  • Reports are available in real time through a secure login
  • Our ideal partners choose us as their primary asset recovery partner.



If you are looking for a more permanent solution to simplify process and attain higher returns, revenue sharing programs create an excellent option for your company. Our programs utilize time as an asset to market and sell your hardware for more. You gain optimal returns for you hardware’s remaining value, all without the hassle.

Partners receive a monthly report/update, and a quarterly review

Ideally, you will print BOL’s, review reports, and deposit checks

We are a boutique partner with a global reach

Consignment partner