Is Your Cybersecurity Posture Proactive or Reactive?

Two executives walk into their respective boardrooms early Monday morning.

Each is greeted with news of a security incident (aka breach) that was discovered over the weekend.


The scenarios below outline the security posture of two organizations facing the same cybersecurity incident and compliance requirements

Scenario 1: Vulnerable and reactive

The first executive panicked and asked: “What happened? What’s the damage?”

He’s neglected investment in security.


🚫The IT team had very little information available

🚫They came in this morning and were locked out of their servers

🚫 No idea how much data was compromised or lost

🚫No idea how long systems will be down

🚫PCI and the FBI had already contacted them this morning


Cost: $200k+ Downtime, $40k audit, $100k+ remediation, non-compliance penalties



The second executive was calm and asked: “What do we know about the incident?” “What have we done?”


✔His team had an incident report in hand

✔They received alerts over the weekend and responded within moments of the notification

✔Their virtual CISO was already engaged

✔They are in compliance with a robust recovery plan and already restored systems


Cost: @$5000/month, less than the cost of one FTE


💡Don’t be the first scenario💡

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