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Total Endpoint Security

As companies grow increasingly dependent on the Internet as a means to conduct business, security threats loom ever larger. Penetration from the outside, denial of service attacks and theft xof transaction information are all top concerns for any company conducting business over the Internet. With the proliferation of remote access and wireless networks the user’s workstation or endpoint has become a target area for entry point for malware into the corporate network.

Current endpoint security solutions typically perform security procedures when a VPN client is engaged or the user is on the corporate LAN. However, employees often use their workstations when not connected to a VPN. For example, employee workstation of teleworkers utilizing “always on” DSL and Cable connections may be used for general internet use when not connected to the corporate VPN. These remote PCs may put protected networks at risk by allowing viruses and worms to access unprotected machines, which in turn may infect a company when returning to a protected environment. Companies should therefore insist on installation of software patches and AV signatures prior to allowing an employee to access the corporate network.

Another concern of corporations is employee use of company assets for unapproved purposes, such as loading unauthorized applications onto company workstations. These “rogue” applications can impact bandwidth utilization.



  • Centralizes management tools, policy enforcement, and software compliance on mobile and stationary PCs
  • Enforces compliance with your defined security policies when a user is disconnected from the LAN
  • Helps prevent the introduction of defined unwanted elements to your private network via a compromised personal computer
  • Manages and controls employee access to your corporate Intranet and helps prevent unauthorized users
  • Helps reduce your capital investments, staffing and maintenance expenses


  • Stateful inspection Firewall integrated with your Global Network
  • Client Centralized customer administered security and software compliance policies
  • Customizable Sandbox web page for out-of-compliance users and automated deployment of new policies and software updates
  • Helps protect user PCs connecting to the Internet, inside the corporate LAN and when disconnected from network
  • Provides reports via customer accessible website detailing user activity, connection history, client event logs, and enforcement activity
  • Instant Messaging Security


One of the more effective means to mitigate these security challenges is implementing client-based or endpoint security solutions across the enterprise. An Endpoint Security Service can help by integrating the benefits of network-based security with an endpoint security solution by placing redundant policy servers in the network. The service assists you with two critical Internet security challenges: deploying effective firewall policies and enforcing compliance of company security procedures related to antivirus and application use. Endpoint Security service gives you centralized control of host-based security services with reliability and redundancy under the management of a dedicated team of experts.

Your ability to survive in business may depend on how well you protect assets from outside attack. Let our team and one of our partners help you defend your networks and develop an appropriate security policy.

For more information contact us at sales@optimumbandwidth.com, to discuss your options and choose the best security solution for your business.

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