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Before you deploy UC, don’t overlook this expense

UC Headsets Can Cost a Pretty Penny If you’re looking to save gobs of money on your UC deployment, you can’t necessarily rely on headsets as an IP phone alternative. Headsets are playing an increasingly important role in the UC … Continued

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3 technology trends reshaping workplaces in 2018

With connected devices penetrating nearly every aspect of our personal lives, it’s just a matter of time before these technologies make their way into the workplace and revolutionize how business is done. American City Business Journals discusses the impact that … Continued

future of customer service is AI and human

AI is the brains behind more caring customer service

High touch – Hi-tech In the early days of conversational commerce, the concept was primarily linked to virtual assistants. However, it really only gained traction as messaging platforms have spread like wildfire. Here’s the proof: Back in 2015, the shift from … Continued

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Endpoint Security

Total Endpoint Security As companies grow increasingly dependent on the Internet as a means to conduct business, security threats loom ever larger. Penetration from the outside, denial of service attacks and theft xof transaction information are all top concerns for … Continued

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World’s Largest Underserved Hosted PBX Market: 1-9 users

There is a mountain of opportunity available for the company willing to help the small business owner.  Optimum Bandwidth is committed to helping small businesses scale. Contact, for vendor neutral recommendations and pricing on hosted PBX providers and all … Continued